NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes


NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 15NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 16NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 17NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 18NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 19NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 20NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 21NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 22NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 23NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 24NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 25NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes Accessories FREE SHIPPING 26


NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses Cosplay Colored Contacts for Anime Eyes

Shop the Sharingan Contact Lenses perfect for Cosplay, Halloween and Anime Events with Free Worldwide Shipping and 1 Year Use!


NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses make your eyes the most eye-catching, get one of these Sharingan Contacts for your next anime-themed event! Choose from Three megatama, Mangekyou, Kakashi, Itachi, Sasuke Uchiha, Eternal Madara, Shisui, and more.

Shop low-cost high-quality Naruto Sharingan Contact Lenses, read on to find out the exact reason why you should always use shopeyecontactlenses for shopping. If you like to change eye color on the fly, or are considering buying the first pair of high-quality colored contact lenses; you must make sure that your eyes are safe! With this in mind, we make sure that we always strive to provide you with the highest quality color contact lenses that you can do yourself. With this in mind, we ensure that all our non-prescription color contact lenses are certified by the CE, so they are made of the highest quality, durable materials, and most importantly, are safe and comfortable for a long time!

· Water content: 40%
· Life Span: Yearly Disposable Contacts
· Center thickness: 0.06mm
· Base curve: 8.6mm
· Diameter: 14.5mm​
· Lens material: HEMA
· Lenses color: Black,White,Red,Yellow,Hexagram,Three magatama,Sharingan
· Lenses hardness: Soft
· Package included: 1pair Color contact lenses((With case)
· Duration: 1 Year
shop naruto sharingan contact lenses online perfect for halloween and cosplay
Shop naruto sharingan contact lenses online perfect for halloween and cosplay
Whether you’re looking to go to an event like a Halloween costume party, anime convention, or a Naruto-themed party, a real Naruto fan wouldn’t want to mess up a perfectly awesome character from top, bottom, and eye. A sharingan contact lense will for sure be the one missing piece in order for you to complete an eye-catching cosplay that stands out in the crowd.
shop naruto sharingan contact lenses online perfect for halloween and cosplay


These Sharingan contact lenses were specially designed for the beloved fans of the Naruto. These amazing designs are not only going to catch the eyes of a Naruto crowd but also make you stand out by complementing your cosplay overall.

shop naruto sharingan contact lenses online perfect for halloween and cosplay
shop naruto sharingan contact lenses online perfect for halloween and cosplay


With the rising trend of the Naruto series and even being continued by its legacy, Boruto, there definitely is a high road to this fashion trend and future anime conventions and events.

UCHIHA SASUKE NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses for Animation Eyes

Planning to enter an anime or fantasy event with a sick and awesome cosplay as one of the Naruto Characters? Cosplayers like you wouldn’t want to miss out on getting everything about a character right down to the last detail.

THREE MEGATAMA NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses for Animation Eyes

Our collection of Sharingan contact lenses with different designs that feature the different characters in Naruto are for sure not going to disappoint. We have several Mangekyo Sharingan contact lense designs for Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha, Obito Uchiha and Kakashi Hatake, and even Madara Uchiha.

Hinata shop naruto sharingan contact lenses online perfect for halloween and cosplay

UHUKA SASUKE NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses
THREE MEGATAMA NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses for Animation EyesCosplay Anime Eye Contact Lenses NARUTO Sharingan Contact Lenses for Animation Eyes
Shop kakashi shop naruto sharingan contact lenses online perfect for halloween and cosplay

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  1. I***r

    very beautiful!!!

  2. C***a


  3. E***r

    Came in 2 weeks, a container for lenses as a gift. The first hour I want to blink in them, after 3 hours I already forgot that they are on me

  4. E***a

    Chic lenses excellent quality and container included, came very quickly in 2-3 weeks (and in White almost nothing can be seen, normally it is only visible that it glows, and the screen of the phone can be considered but only in half-time 8/10)

  5. Y***s

    Fast shipment, 15 days, the quality is PERFECT!

  6. O***a

    GREAT! you can see everything, even with the light smoke, thanks 🙂

  7. I***i

    Arrived very fast…thanks!

  8. I***v

    I ordered three pairs at once. The parcel arrived in a 2 weeks. It is madly pleasant that in the parcel put containers for lenses as a gift. Thank you so much!

  9. E***o

    Quality packaging, the order came in 2 weeks

  10. V***a

    The lenses are excellent, very pleased with the quality

  11. Customer

    Thin, almost not felt. It’s been two weeks. The container was in the set.

  12. N***n

    I got this item in and it’s just as expected. I’m very pleased with it. These contacts are really easy to put in and come with their own case.

  13. V***.

    Recommend, fast delivery, goods well packed, lens flawless, for these pieniadze only take and szaleć!

  14. C***s

    I just got here. Excellent. Everything is perfect. Gift from a lens guard. Thank you! Recommended 100% A ++++++

  15. D***d

    Got order. I was pleased. Who needs it, take it, you will not regret it.

  16. R***r

    Came with the container, thanks

  17. R***q

    Everything came whole. Especially nice to get as a gift container. Until I measured, but it looks like I’m still ordering

  18. A***

    Excellent arrived in two weeks quickly I will order more

  19. A***y

    The order came very quickly, the quality of davolna

  20. A***k

    Great lenses. I will order more

  21. I***r

    I like it very much, it came quickly

  22. J***j

    I received and honestly i have to say that these lenses are way more comfortable I don’t even feel them. They are thin and are easy to remove. I thought they’d go bad after a bit like most crazy eye contacts but you can wash and reuse . Yes you can see out of them ! And yes you can see colors

  23. K***d

    very happy, good packing

  24. Customer

    The lenses are well packed, shelf life up to 2025. The son is delighted with the purchase.

  25. A***a

    So cool!

  26. N***o

    Came exactly as in the picture, diameter 14.5 Came in a box, intact and safe

  27. A***f

    Very cool and comfortable lenses I advise everyone, but, if you want to walk in them for a long time then they are not on casual

  28. Customer

    Good lenses, no complaints, packing excellent, store put lens storage container

  29. R***r

    Delivery was 2 weeks, the lenses themselves are excellent, the store put the container: 3 Thank you

  30. Customer

    Very comfortable especially for those who did not wear them ever. I will order more. I like it

  31. A***a

    Very cool!!! I liked everything. Many thanks to store ^ ^

  32. V***r

    The lenses are cool. THANKS!

  33. R***v


  34. V***p

    Very fast delivery and shipment, reliable packaging, case as a gift

  35. R***s

    The lenses are sooo beautiful!

  36. A***a

    The product came just like in the picture

  37. Customer

    I loved them, they were delayed to arrive, but all within the deadline

  38. M***

    The product is excellent!

  39. R***e

    Lenses came on time, thank you very much! Daughter happy

  40. Customer

    God’s best!

  41. G***s

    Lovely lenses, though the liquid itself was small (I did not spill) and a nice box

  42. E***M

    Cool lenses. It’s been about two weeks. Thin, in front of the eyes are not felt. I have a light brown eyes color covers well. The packaging came whole, not crumpled.

  43. A***a

    The lenses look just super

  44. D***a

    Everything came intact, quality is satisfied.

  45. V***r

    Beautiful lenses, there was no discomfort, very cool sat down, just miracles!

  46. K***

    Lens Super❤️ Included super cute container, shipping took 2 weeks

  47. V***i

    Lenses are awesome, they look also great! Generally these are my first lenses, but they are very comfortable, I don’t even feel them and dressed in the eye easily

  48. R***r

    Lenses are just top!!

  49. L***l

    Lenses are amazing, the picture is clear.

  50. Customer


  51. L***

    The lenses are super 🙂

  52. P***e

    Very good, arrived within 2weeks

  53. T***a

    Just 100/100. Lenses are chic, they do not feel in the eye, they are very easy to wear. Slightly expanding the look. Put a box as a gift. The quality is just perfect. I will order more and more!

  54. V***r

    They went for 2weeks, but the goods are exactly like in the picture. Put a gift in the form of a container under the lens. 🙂

  55. F***r

    Thank you so mush. the item arrived in two weeks.

  56. V***a

    well packed. In appearance, the lenses are whole and all as it should. Container as a gift. Thank you 🙂

  57. T***t

    I have the goods intact and safe thanks to the shop

  58. R***r

    According to the description, it’s beautiful I’m happy with buying

  59. Customer

    Lenses are excellent!! In front of the eyes are not felt, discomfort 0. came in almost two weeks. Quite quickly. Thanks

  60. N***n

    I did not find the flaws. The kit was put in the box for lenses, which saved me money. Thank you very much, I will order more, they are amazing

  61. E***R

    Lenses are fire!!! I’m delighted, I recommend definitely!

  62. A***d

    Good quality mangejo Sharingan Sasuke without diopter

  63. K***a

    Well packed, the store put the container for free. I recommend the shop <3.

  64. Customer

    Lenses are good

  65. R***r

    Everything came exactly. Lenses and container. Packed very well.

  66. V***v

    Very good))

  67. 5***r

    Lenses did not go long! Very cute packaging, plus a container for lenses. soft, very comfortable. I like everything, I advise!

  68. A***r

    Lovely lenses!

  69. A***o

    Very cool lenses for their price, I’m happy <3

  70. A***


  71. V***n

    Lenses correspond to the description, came with a container

  72. N***

    The lenses themselves are just super very healthy but I will not wear them until I purchase a washing liquid for them. It is very necessary if you do not want to bring the infection.

  73. I***a

    Lenses are just super)

  74. G***e

    In general, I liked the lenses, there is no discomfort, correspond to the description. I will still order

  75. R***r

    Just the best lenses, they are incredibly soft and very comfortable.

  76. E***a

    Very nice! my son liked!

  77. F***m

    The product fully corresponds to the description, the store sent a container and a coupon for a free pair of lenses,yay 🙂

  78. B***a

    lOVE my contacts, thanks!

  79. S***s


  80. A***a

    I love them 🙂

  81. A***v

    The goods are good, everything is fine

  82. A***r

    The goods are good, corresponds to the description. The store sent a container for lenses as a gift. thank you!

  83. U***t

    Packed well, fast delivery,thanks

  84. S***n

    Beautiful. Gives a creepy look (but not very comfortable though). Good value for the price. Fast delivery (accros half the globe). Recommended. Buy without any hesitation and enjoy!

  85. O***y

    It went for a long time but for such a price it’s normal, the son in the seventh heaven from happiness, thank you to the store,

  86. A***a

    The shop added a container for them, thanks 🙂

  87. 1***r

    The lenses are very cool, as a gift put a container and a coupon for a free pair of lenses!

  88. R***r


  89. A***v

    thank you!

  90. O***a

    Super fast shipping 6.02-16.02. In 10 days

  91. S***v

    All well packed! thanks

  92. D***e

    Beautiful! will order more

  93. M***f

    Amazing quality! Now I can geek out with an Obito fan and be Kakashi .

  94. E***r

    Thank you very fast delivery best store in the world I recommend to anyone 5 stars on my part

  95. M***m

    Container for lenses included 🙂 Packing is strong, plastic, thick, sealed tightly, had to open teeth, haha.

  96. P***t

    These are the first lenses in my life and I treated skeptical to such a segment, but still took it and did not regret it. Put on the lenses is easy and convenient (at the beginning is very difficult because of their large size and unusual). Eyes do not get tired with time, do not hurt, you need to buy a solution to disinfect them. Container included. Lenses liked, very bright and beautiful. I wear them in everyday style. Long delivery is the only minus.

  97. S***l

    Amazing! thanks

  98. A***a

    It came sooner than I should have, but I’m happy, thank you.

  99. D***a

    Comfortable lenses. It can be seen in them normally, a little Pelen, but it’s obvious. Went long but it was worth it

  100. た***だ

    I arrive before the estimated time and they are as shown in the publication, I recommend❤️

  101. K***k

    The product exactly corresponds to the description, cofortey, bright and beautiful. Container attached

  102. U***a


  103. N***a

    Everything is whole and well packed. Thanks to the store for the free lens jars!

  104. L***a

    Honestly, I did not think that they will be so good packed each lens separately and even the container in the kit is nice!

  105. S***o

    Very accurate, good quality, everything in perfect condition

  106. Customer

    Very cool lenses!

  107. A***v

    The lenses are exactly what I wanted, as a gift container in which they are stored!

  108. R***a

    They are beautiful, with these visibility is Practically nil.

  109. M***r

    Thanks for the lenses!!^ ^ nice price + put the C container:. I have not tried to wear it yet, but everything has come in perfect condition!! I recommend the store. <3/maybe soon I will add feedback with pictures

  110. E***v

    Chic lenses! Soft and pleasant for the eyes. True, I do not know how to insert lenses and I hardly managed to do it, although the instruction inside! Thank you store! Recommend!!

  111. V***z

    Comes the little box with all the details and comes with em compartment to bring them in. It also has both lenses separately in saline solution. They’re soft.

  112. K***n

    Everything came exactly with a description: a container for lenses, 2 lenses. I have not yet opened, so I can not say anything in quality. I will still order

  113. Customer

    The lenses arrived in full set, the quality is good good

  114. A***z

    Excellent quality although it took a little while to arrive. Thank you very much! I loved them.

  115. M***v

    Thanks a million!! love my lenses!

  116. A***f

    Since I ordered them so far 12 days passed, product corresponds to images 10/10

  117. V***m

    Все супер, правда не чего не видно, но это не проблема

  118. Customer

    Everything corresponds to the description. Then I’ll add a review with a photo in front of my eyes.

  119. A***a

    Very cute! Look like the picture and came with a lense case. They are soft lenses

  120. D***h

    Quality top!

  121. F***z


  122. L***a

    Thanks a lot!

  123. R***r

    The lenses are beautiful. We walked for a long time, but wow are standing. Through them, you can not see, if you look at the light, but in half-time you can see almost normal

  124. Customer

    Очень быстро доставили, заказываю уже не первый раз , качество супер. Рекомендую!

  125. S***s

    Lenses sit comfortably, I wear, in my opinion, the second month. You can wear them up to 8 hours a day, the air on the eye does not fall. I wore a maximum of 5 hours, so it was no longer necessary. They do not even notice that they are dressed (if you are used to lenses). There is a storage case, there is no liquid. Comrad, who wears diopter lenses for 8 years, advised licosol, IM and crawling

  126. W***l

    Come to my home very well packed and safe. Reliable store recommend!

  127. Customer

    Great lenses and very excellent quality thank the store for the speed of delivery

  128. C***F

    Great! very fast delivery!

  129. G***r

    Came Perfect!

  130. V***a

    Beautiful lenses thankyou!

  131. R***r

    Thank you

  132. A***a

    Shipping was fast. For such a price, the quality is good. Packed well, nothing was damaged, and it looks very worthy.

  133. S***i

    5 STARS!

  134. R***a

    Perfectly packed in a small box, nothing was crumpled Also put an extra container, thanks!:)

  135. A***r

    Everything is perfect. They come with case, very nice everything! I’m so happy

  136. I***v

    Everything came whole with the goods is satisfied with the description how to check the feedback

  137. Customer

    I ordered two pairs and for each came a case for lenses. Got there quickly. They are comfortable enough. In such lenses everything is visible, but blurred and all around White

  138. Teddie


  139. I***e

    Come quickly. They do not see anything, they do not hurt. There is a capacity for lenses. Rules of use. And shelf date. Cool lenses

  140. G***r

    Nothing was broken, I damaged the box myself. Lenses are large, if you put on for the first time, it will be difficult. In the kit there was a box for lenses, there is no solution in the kit.

  141. A***a

    I ordered my daughter. She liked the lenses. Says they don’t interfere. Wears them from time to time. Comes with lenses and a case for lenses. It looks beautiful, but creepy.

  142. V***v

    The parcel came. Everything came pretty quickly. The parcel is well packed, nothing will happen in the process of transportation. There is an instruction in English. the color is bright. They look great. I liked everything. It came with cells for storing lenses. I’ll order more. Thank you very much to the store.

  143. A***a

    Lenses are cool, thanks

  144. A***z

    Super precise, I loved it! Obviously it’s for cosplay and photos not for daily use (as it completely covers the field of view) but I love them! Now all I need is makeup and the suit❤

  145. A***a

    Excellent,thanks for the gift container for the lens 🙂

  146. V***r


  147. E***e

    The article ok, the time was too much due to the problems that the world and my country are going through.

  148. S***v

    Corresponds to the description, I will not order more.

  149. R***r

    In them it is very bad to see when the day, or the light is turned on. You can see it in the twilight.

  150. E***f

    Great product, comes with two lenses and the container to store, like Pakas hehehe, you acustuma quickly.

  151. U***r

    this was amazing! I ordered the 3 tomoe sharingan. came in 2 weeks. defnitley worth it! ps, the store is lovely! and remember to get some eye contact solution 🙂

  152. M***a

    Came quite quickly, these are my first lenses, so I think normal, until I put on, since the solvent did not reach…

  153. K***o

    Super fast. And exactly like the picture.

  154. C***n

    Excellent service, they arrived fast, they are just like in description!

  155. 6***r

    It came very quickly. The lenses are excellent.

  156. E***r

    People I loved super good quality and came Super rapidooooooo

  157. K***i

    The lenses are good. Description correspond. Packed well and arrived quickly enough.

  158. K***s

    Excellent packaging and as it is in description, perfect

  159. Customer

    пришли за 2 недели все супер выглядит в живую так же как на картинке !

  160. G***o

    muito rápido a entrega 10 dias no meu endereço, fiz um vídeo no Canal Vitrola com mais informações

  161. A***a

    Gorgeous lenses. Everything is clearly visible (in anime lenses). In the eyes look beautiful. Qualitatively packed. Special thanks to the store for the bonus in the form of containers for lenses.

  162. N***v

    Thank you! I liked everything. They sit perfectly in front of their eyes. A small gift in the form of a container.

  163. А***й

    Lenses good came in 11 days, very satisfied.

  164. V***m

    Not yet measured, I’ll add a review later. Visually, the lenses are whole, the packing is not damaged, the color came exactly the one that ordered. Size 14,5. If you expand the box, you can find the instruction in English. In the kit there was a container for lenses.

  165. V***r

    Steep lenses, definitely advise to buy, came quickly

  166. P***o

    The product is as described, good communication with the store, I just have to add that the time it took to arrive was very long in chile

  167. W***a


  168. Y***v

    The goods were sent instantly, it came quickly. I have not yet tried on how I will try on the review.

  169. Customer

    Excellent! I placed my order on July 11 and they arrived on July 23 to Mexico.

  170. Z***o

    came just like the description, and they are super comfortable! bought/will continue to purchase more from this store!

  171. M***a

    There is no cut for pupils, because of what it feels like in sunglasses

  172. G***u

    Excellent and super nice to wear I recommend without any problem! Come on! Make yourself happy!

  173. C***n

    These are amazing I absolutely love them!!! I have a few pairs from this store and they’ve all been incredible, super fast shipping to (to Australia). They come fully sealed and with a case and they’re super easy to work with.

  174. F***r

    Very good! Vivid color, still not used but looks very thin and comfortable! Came well packed and with a toast case! Loved

  175. Customer

    For reference, people with light eyes. In principle, it is noticeable with the sun and bright lamp, in ordinary lighting all OK

  176. Z***r

    It is very fine, looks very comfortable

  177. О***r

    Gorgeous! Thanks 🙂 Came with a free container!

  178. J***s

    perfeita….muito macia

  179. V***o

    The product arrived as described neutral packing with plastic bubble, recommend!

  180. S***o

    Literally amazing! Came with a container to put them in and was in solution when it arrived as to not dry them out. It’s a bit blurry but i can manage because of the grids. They are literally amazing! Easy to put in.

  181. Customer

    All OK

  182. M***r

    Excellent product! Highly recommended!

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